Baylynn King – 4 Days New!! | Virginia Beach, VA, Newborn Photographer

This precious little princess certainly took her time before making her big debut! Momma and Daddy had decided to wait to find out whether they were having a prince or a princess and had hoped to meet her much closer to the beginning of May. Despite everyone’s anxious anticipation, we all had to wait until after Memorial Day for Miss Baylynn King. (Tell me that isn’t the sweetest name for a little girl whose parents both love to fish and be on the water!!)

And, as you’ll see for yourself, she was certainly worth the wait!

Portraits by Anna_Baylynn King (9 of 47)

Portraits by Anna_Baylynn King (13 of 47)

What a big yawn!!

What a big yawn!!

Portraits by Anna_Baylynn King (21 of 47)

Portraits by Anna_Baylynn King (27 of 47)

I love a little girl who can rock a tutu!! I made this one and the hairbow to match especially for this session… secretly hoping there was going to be a princess to wear it! (I had a contingency plan for a boy… but never quite got around to making that little fishing hat… glad I didn’t!!)

Every little girl should nap in a tutu!

Portraits by Anna_Baylynn King (34 of 47)

Portraits by Anna_Baylynn Sneak (2 of 1)

Welcome to the world little princess!!

Welcome to the world little princess!!

Thank you so much, little lady, for totally rocking this session!! And to Baylynn’s sweet Momma and Daddy who let me just play away with their little princess. There’s nothing quite like that sweet newborn smell and those scrunchy little fingers!

Liz and Mike are Married!! | Intimate Backyard Ceremony – Chesapeake, VA

There’s nothing quite as sweet as an intimate backyard wedding ceremony! And what a perfect, sunny May afternoon they had for their big day! We all met at a marriage commisioner’s home in Chespeake and her tree-lined backyard made a gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony and their kids made sure we were in the perfect spot.

Congrats, Liz and Mike!! And thank you so much for inviting me to capture these memories for you and your awesome kids!

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-1

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-4

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-6

They chose to include a sand ceremony – even making sure to measure out just the right amount of sand – to show how all six of them would come together to form something new and beautiful.

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-11

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-12

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-17

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-21

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-27

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-33

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-39

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-49

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-52

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-57

After the big kiss that made it all official, the kids wanted in on the action and called for a big, family group hug!!

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-63

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-64

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-67

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-69

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-76

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-82

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-83

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-99

Don’t they make a gorgeous family!??!

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-100

Portraits by Anna_Liz & Mike Snyder Wedding-106

Congrats Liz and Mike!! And thank you again for sharing such a special day with me!

Disney World, Orlando, FL | Anniversary Trip – Personal

Be sure to check out the first two days of our anniversary trip here and here!!

Our last day in Florida we headed to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I was super excited about this part of our trip because – wait for it – I had never been to Disney before!! Yes, yes, it’s true…

Let me just say, not having experienced Disney as a child, making this trip with one of the Surfer Hub’s best friends and his little boy and seeing the park through his eyes made it just as magical.

Here’s a little group shot as we first entered the Magic Kingdom:

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-251

And Surfer Hubs and I with the Great Goofini!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-259

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-264

I have to give credit to the wonderful landscapers and maintenance people… this park is pristine and the greenery is just gorgeous!!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-266

We managed to make it back to the the Castle just in time for the parade!!

**Here’s a little piece of advice** Don’t wear super thin flip flops or sandals to Disney. And if you do, find a little patch of shade to stand in. We waited for a few minutes for the parade to reach us and the pavement was so hot, the bottoms of my feet got burned. Through my sandals!! I would hate for that to happen to someone’s kiddo!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-269

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-275

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-280

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-282

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-284

This shot was taken inside the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Isn’t this pully system amazing?! The treehouse looks just like the one they built in the movie!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-289

Surfer Hubs and his Princes… yes, I had to go there 😉

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-297

And one last shot of Main Street:

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-300

We had such a great day. Who would have thought you could do Disney with a 2.5 yr-old, no stroller, and he’d walk the whole park with no problem?? Jeff’s Little Man was a champ!! And the magic and excitement we all got to share with him – I wouldn’t trade that for the world!

Amelia Island, Day 2 | Aniversary Trip – Personal

Our second day on Amelia Island was spent very much like the first – on the beach!! (If you missed the first post, be sure to head over here to check it out!)

This time we stayed a little closer to the house and headed to the waterfront right next to the Amelia Island Hilton. This beach was a little more crowded than American beach but we didn’t mind a bit!

Here are some of the images from our 2nd day on the beach:

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-157

Surfer Hubs and I on the beach.

Surfer Hubs and I on the beach.

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-163

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-169

It was another day full of searching for seashells, flying a first kite, trying to catch the biggest fish – or shark! – and finally talking the little man into dipping his toes in the water!! Once he got his feet wet, there was no stopping him. This kid might be part fishie himself!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-177

Little Fisherman

Little Fisherman

First kite!

First kite!

Chris' Bonnet Head Shark

Chris’ Bonnet Head Shark

Finally brave enough to get his feet wet.

Finally brave enough to get his feet wet.

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-229

Not scared of the water any more!

Not scared of the water any more!

What a wonderful anniversary trip!

What a wonderful anniversary trip!

Perfect end to our second day on Amelia Island – relaxing with my hunny.

Be sure to check back for some of the pictures from our trip to Disney!!

Amelia Island, Huguenot State Park, and American Beach | Anniversary Trip – Personal

The first weekend in April we headed to Amelia Island, Florida, with a friend of ours and his little boy to celebrate our anniversary. His mom lives on Amelia Island in the most charming gated community full of blooming azaleas and spanishmoss-clung oad trees. AND… she happens to have a little guest house… which felt like staying at a friend’s bed and breakfast! It was amazing!!

This palm is literally in her front flowerbed!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-3

The first day of our vacation, Surfer Hubs and I headed down to Huguenot Memorial Park.

Gulls and Pelicans at Huguenot Memorial Park

Gulls and Pelicans at Huguenot Memorial Park

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-36

The ride from Amelia Island to Huguenot Memorial Park was just gorgeous!! Spanish moss and azaleas everywhere!

Love all the Spanish Moss!!

Love all the Spanish Moss!!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-39

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-40

After our little drive to Huguenot, we all headed to American Beach on Amelia Island. Here’s a little history lesson for you: This beach was purchased during the segregation era by Abraham Lincoln Lewis, owner of Afro-American Life Insurance, as a place for his employees to vacation and own homes by the shore. It remains a historic beach community to this day.

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-67

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-102

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-108

What does a crab say?  **pinch, pinch**

What does a crab say? **pinch, pinch**

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-123

Fishing on Amelia Island

Fishing on Amelia Island

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-128

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-129

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-136

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-148

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-150

As you can see, there was much playing in the sand, searching for sea shells and fishing done by all and it was a wonderful, relaxing day at the beach. If you’re ever on Amelia Island and looking for a quieter beach to take your family, American Beach is the place to go!

Check back next week for more pictures of our Amelia Island and Disney World vacation!

SMS Headshots | Norfolk Portrait Photographer

Corporate headshot sessions rarely make their way to the blog but, today, I’m going to make an exception – these are just too good not to share!!

The folks over at Superior Marine Solutions invited me to come take some headshots for them and I’m thrilled with how they turned out! Here are the handsome gentlemen – and one very lovely lady!! – who were brave enough to step in front of my camera. (I’m not sure they believed me when I promised them it will be painless… but they all made it though just fine!! haha )

Portraits by Anna_SMS Headshots-2

Portraits by Anna_SMS Headshots-13

Portraits by Anna_SMS Headshots-19

Thank you to the team at Superior Marine Solutions for inviting me to do your headshots! You were a great group to work with!!

Our First Anniversary | Personal

Yesterday, Surfer Hubs and I snuck down to Corolla, NC, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I couldn’t think of a better way to have spent the day. Just the two of us, and our furbabies, in our own little world. Chris fishing. Me reading. Us. Together. It was wonderful.

If I could give just one piece of relationship advice to newlyweds on how to make their their first year of marriage work, it would be to do just this. Spend time together, just the two of you, and shut the rest of the world out as often as possible. I’m not saying to become hermits and never spend time with friends or family, but when it’s just the two of you, let it be just the two of you. Create strong boundaries and you’ll be surprised how easy the rest will be.

And, just for fun, here are a few images from our wedding day, captured by our wonderful photographer and friend, Amanda Hedgepeth.

View More:

View More:

View More:

Happy Anniversary, Hunny!! I hope to celebrate so many, many more wonderful years with you!

Kaiden is Two! | Chesapeake, VA, Children’s Photographer

Did you happen to see Monday’s post?? Well, this little charmer is back for more!!

There were so many amazing images from this session that I just had to split them into two blog posts. I’m sure you won’t mind a second dose of cuteness!!

Now, let me just say, the cake smash was totally staged, as cake smashes usually are. These images, these are all Kaiden! This little boy loves to run around in his daddy’s hockey helmet, batting pucks, balls, and anything else in his path with his hockey stick. So… after we cleaned up the cake and Kaiden went back to his hockey business I was so glad I still had all my lighting and backdrops set up and camera near by. This kid has a future in modeling!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-43

This is one very silly, adorable little boy!!

This is one very silly, adorable little boy!!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-45

Looks like the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree... Daddy was a hockey player, too!

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree… Daddy was a hockey player, too!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-50

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-51

After the “hockey game” started to look a little dangerous for my equipment, we brought the bubbles back out and let this silly little boy play away.

Future heartbreaker!!

Future heartbreaker!!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-56

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-59

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-60

Isn’t he just too, too cute???

Thank you sooooo much for rocking out at your session, Kaiden!! You were a BLAST to work with!!

Happy Birthday, Hunny! | Personal

Today is Surfer Hub’s birthday and I just wanted to take a minute to wish him the very bestest day!! This man has changed my whole world, showed me it’s okay to let someone do things for me, that romance isn’t just mushy-love-junk, and that two really are better than one. I can’t imagine where I’d be without this most wonderful man. I hope to be reminding him how old he is for many, many more wonderful years!!

Happy Birthday, Hunny! I love you soooo much!!