Strawberry Picking – Personal

Confession: I am a devout strawberry picker. Its true. Every year, I stalk the websites and info hotlines for local strawberry patches to make sure I know exactly when the fields open for picking. For me, strawberry picking is one of those “welcome to summer” activities.

On Saturday my wonderful husband and I ventured out to Pungo to do a little strawberry picking. He was not so thrilled to be joining in my adventure but, being that he is a wonderful husband, came a long anyway. And believe it or not, it was of his own free will.

This was the first year I picked in Pungo rather than in Chesapeake. After scouting the internet, I decided I wanted to check out Cullipher Farms. **please don’t judge my sellection process, I’m not a local** They have a fairly large pick-your-own patch and the berries are delicious!

Here are a few pics of our adventures I snapped on my cell:




Here’s a pic of my previously-mentioned wonderful husband in action. This first-time picker needed a little instruction but let me tell you, once he got started, he picked an entire bucket full of the most perfect strawberries he could find… I’ve learned to expect nothing less from this man who likes everything just so. Just one reason why he’s the best! – for me that is! 🙂



Stay tuned for some jam-making images!!

If I can get the rusty macbook to cooperate – which it refused to do last night – I’ll have another post up this week, if not, hopefully the new desktop we’ve ordered will arrive soon! One day I’ll have to tell you about my tendency to repell technology… 🙂

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