Strawberry Jam – Personal

I was finally able to coax a little life out of my poor macbook to edit a few images! The computer seems to be making one last effort in life; it even made far fewer grinding noises and sounded a lot less like a helicopter taking off! (It must know it’s replacement is on the way…)

Anyway… I digress… this post is about Strawberry Jam!

A couple weeks ago – sorry! non-compliant computer – I posted a few cell phone pics of the strawberries Chris and I picked at Cullipher Farm in Pungo.


So, what do you do with three gallons of fresh strawberries?

You make jam!

Well, in this case, I made freezer preserves using the recipe in the pink Sure Jell box (low/no sugar pectin), another freezer jab recipe I found on Pinterest that has no sugar added, and strawberry-lemon marmalade from a combination of two cookbook recipes.


The Sure Jell recipe is the one I grew up on and you can’t ever go wrong with this one. The Pinterest recipe… I don’t know that I’m a fan of… it’s a little sour but if you are really trying to cut sugar out I would give this a try. The marmalade?? Heaven. Some bites are sweet, some bites are lemony-sour, all bites are delicious with this one. The recipe out of this book will get you pretty darn close without me violating any copyright laws.


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