Pungo Strawberry Festival

On Saturday, Chris and I headed out to Pungo it his dad to check out the Strawberry Festival. The festival is held every year over the Memorial Day Weekend.


This sign cracks me up. There’s no way you could stay skinny eating all the yummy – mostly fried – food available at the festival.


Check out this big-momma rolling pin!! I remember my dad joking about my mom keeping him in line with her rolling pin… I’d hate to see the damage one could inflict with a rolling pin this size!


The hubs and I trying out some teak patio furniture, which was surprisingly super comfortable. Too bad we don’t have a patio at our current residence…


A Pungo resident who lives on the main drag of the festival had his antique car on display. For some reason, I didn’t get a picture of the entire car (photog fail!) but check out these awesome detail shots!!


The owner had a scrapbook on display documenting the restoration process. The hubs and his dad took some time to inspect the work.


After wandering around to all the booths and stuffing ourselves with mini donuts and fresh lemonade we headed over to the 4-H tent. What country girl could resist some farm animals??


Aren’t these baby ducks precious??! I really thought long and hard about trying to convince Chris to let me keep a few in the bathtub… we need a farm! (bahaha… that will never happen… 🙂


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