Memorial Day, Corolla, NC – Personal

I used all but 4 hours of my accrued leave at my desk job for our wedding and honeymoon. Unfortunately, this meant we had to miss out on some BIG events in the lives of some of our family and friends. Its rough being so far away from some of the people who mean the very most to us.

Since it felt like we were missing out on all the fun I wanted to make sure we didn’t just sit around the house like bums for three days. (We did way too much of that trying to get everything ready for the wedding!!) I didn’t have anything specific in mind but I knew I wanted to do something – and Chris came to the rescue with the ideas. Not only did we head down to the Pungo Strawberry Festival as you saw in one of last week’s posts, but we took a little day trip down to the 4-wheel drive beach in Corolla!!

We make frequent trips to OBX during surfing season but because the 4-wheel drive was out on the old truck, the only time we had been to Corolla was when friends from Pennsylvania vacationed there. Now that we have the new truck, I’m hoping we can head there a little more often!


I especially love this beach because they welcome dogs all year round! Molly and Rex looooooooooooove the beach!! Miss Molly McGee grew up on the beach in Oceanview and gets excited anytime she starts to catch a whiff of that salty sea air. Now that Rex – who will be a year old this weekend! – had only went to the beach twice but now that he seems to be over the carsickness that plagued him last summer, he’ll be able to join in more often!!


It was a perfectly relaxing day. The tourists all headed out early afternoon so we practically had the beach to ourselves; just the four of us. Our little family. 🙂


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