Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Gifts & Bouquet Practice

Folks, I want to try something new here on the blog… I want to try a blog series. Specifically a wedding series. And not necessarily all about photography all the time. I figure this way, you can all get to know me a little better and I can share our wedding a little, brag about our awesome wedding photog Amanda a little more, pass along some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned as a former event planner and now former bride, and share my growth as I work toward wedding-photographer-extraordinaire status.

(at this point in my newbie photog career I’m finding a stronger inclination toward weddings and kiddos and while I’m reluctant to declare a specialty and will continue to shoot every aspect of my clients’ lives that they bless me with the opportunity to capture for them… if my crystal ball is working correctly this morning… I see myself headed in that direction)

And so… I give you the first installation of Wedding Wednesdays at Portraits by Anna!!

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. And probably many, many times over. I have the most amazingly wonderful husband! I’ve always known he was pretty awesome but his attention to detail never ceases to surprise me. And this time, he was in cahoots with Ms. Amanda, herself.

Coming up with what I was going to give Chris as a wedding gift had caused me unbelievable amounts of grief. This man has everything. What he doesn’t have, he goes out and buys himself. And what he doesn’t buy himself… well let’s just say he has expensive tastes. I hadn’t given the slightest bit of thought to what he might be getting for me… but I had noticed that lately he seemed to be a little more well versed in the language of photography than he would normally have been… And below you’ll see why!!

(The following images are property of the lovely Amanda Hedgepeth of Amanda Hedgepeth Photography)

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Angie, one of my college girlfriends and rockstar bridesmaids, surprised me while we were getting ready at the hotel with my gift from Chris.

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I was sooooo super excited about this new jo totes camera bag!! I don’t know how he pulled it off but this bag, in this color, had been out of stock for months. And I mean months. I know, because I was stalking their website. For months. It made the gift that much more awesome because I knew he put in a good amount of effort to find exactly the bag I wanted in exactly the color I wanted. Did I mention his attention to detail?

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But wait, there’s more!! I was over-the-moon excited about the new bag and in total shock that there was another gift inside it… exactly the lens I had mentioned to Amanda that I wanted!! (I told you they were in cahoots!)

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I was so excited I had to put the lens on my camera right away! Who needs to get ready for a wedding when there are new photography toys to play with?!?!

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Whew! If you made it through all that, congrats! As your reward, here are some images that are my very own with the new 85mm lens you saw above.

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a few small bouquets at Trader Joe’s to do a little practicing on. Wouldn’t you know, that was the weekend we had gale-force winds here in Virginia Beach. All. Weekend. Long. Soooo… these were all taken inside, on a barstool, in the light coming through the window of our back door. Whatever it takes, right??

(I was playing with sellective focus in these, in case you’re wondering)


OH!! And just in case you were wondering, I got Chris a crossbow. He loves it and is not happy I won’t let him sight it in in our back yard. Ummm… townhouse community????

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