Wedding Wednesday | Where to Start

Congratulations – You’re Engaged!

Let’s see that beautiful ring!!

Enjoy your moment, buy some wedding magazines, and bask in the limelight for a few days. 

And please, if you recieve anything less than enthusiastic congratulations:
1.) shame on them and
2.) contact me!! even if we have never ever met, I’m always thrilled to celebrate with the newly engaged – its such an exciting time in your life!

After a few days/few weeks:

Okay… let’s start to formulate a gameplan.  What kind of wedding have you always dreamed of?  And we’re just talking big picture here. 
Cathedral ceremony and grand ballroom reception?  Backyard barbeque?  Beachside romance?  Destination wedding for just the two of you?

And what “feel” do you want to create?
Simple? Elaborate? Ellegant? Casual? Romantic?

I had always dreamed of a backyard barbeque at my parents’ home in Northern Pennsylvania.  I never considered anything else.  But, when I moved to Hampton Roads and fell in love with a Virginia Beach native, that became a little less feasible.  Especially when I called my parents to tell them we were engaged and one of the first things my dad said was, “Please tell me you aren’t bringing all those people up here.” 

Believe me, he meant it with the best of intentions.  You see, when I imagined that backyard wedding, I didn’t anticipate living nearly nine hours from where I grew up.  And I certainly didn’t consider that our guests wouldn’t be local, but would also be traveling those nine or more hours with us.  Several hundred of them.  We would have been setting up a tent-city in one of my dad’s fields!!  I would have had to rent port-a-potties… shower trailers… you name it.  So Daddy was right, dragging everyone to rural Pennsylvania just to get married in my parents’ back yard because that was what I had always imagined… just wasn’t going to work.

But, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have my dream wedding.  I just had to be a little flexible on the venue and location.

So, do you love the idea of a beach wedding but can’t imagine getting sand in your dress? Check out venues like the Lesner Inn or maybe the Hermitage on the Elizabeth River. Do you want a rustic country wedding in a barn? Maybe Back Bay Farms is the venue for you. Or if you want the country garden wedding, take a look at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. There are soooo many options, creativity and flexibility are key!

Once you’ve done some brainstorming, identified what you’re looking for and come up with a list of venues… make some appointments to check them out! Don’t be afraid to contact some wedding professionals in the area for advice or check out resources like and Vow Bride Once you have a venue and a date, then the real planning can begin!!

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