Wedding Wednesday | Father of the Bride

Thanks to my indecisive nature, you’re getting a Wedding Wednesday post on Thursday. Sorry for the delay… I hope you’ll forgive me!

I had planned a much different post for this week’s installment but with Father’s Day this past Sunday – and these holidays always have me feeling a little far from home – I thought I’d do a shoutout to a man who means the world to me.

Let me tell you a secret about my dad that most wouldn’t know… the man loves a new pair of shoes. He always has a few pairs tucked away in the closet – still in the box – for when he decides he’s ready for a new pair.

This love for new shoes goes back to his childhood. You see, my grandaddy owned a store in Fredericksburg, VA, and when a pair of shoes came into the store that my daddy thought he would like to have, he would sit on the icehouse step and wear down the bottoms of his current shoes on the concrete so that he would be allowed have that new pair he had his eye on.

When I was a little girl, I promised my dad new pair of shoes if he would walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. (Not that I ever thought he wouldn’t… but he liked to tease us girls about this) And so when it came time to plan our wedding, one of the first things on my list was a pair of shoes for my dad. We just had to decide what he was going to wear…

It turns out this was one area I didn’t have to worry about… Daddy already had an idea. He suggested that he wear the suit that he had worn when he married my mom. He told me it had gotten him 30 years and still going strong… maybe wearing it again would do the same for me.

While everyone expects some sentimental tears from the mommas because “they’re losing their babies” and all that jazz… I think for anyone who takes the time to notice, weddings are hardest for the father of the bride. He’s literally giving away his little girl.

Here’s my dad, on my wedding day, wearing the exact same suit he wore the day he married my mom. And his brand new shoes.

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These images are the creative property of Amanda Hedgepeth Photography.

Here’s another secret, the whole time we were dancing, we were talking about dairy cows. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get a good man through his little girl’s big day.

And I wouldn’t have and it any other way.

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