Realistic Goals

I start the very last class of my MBA program this week.  I began this journey in January 2009 and its been a very long road.  In the last four and a half years so many things have happened and so much has changed. 

When I applied for the program at ODU, I had left my first big girl job in DC to move to Norfolk, VA, with no real plan for what was next and no real understanding that March of 2008 was about the worst time in modern economic history to quit your job without that plan.  Since then I’ve gone from nightclub marketing manager to receptionist to financial analyst to contract management, moved six times, bought a dog, bought a house, adopted a cat, met Mr. Right, sent the cat to live with my sis, acquired a second dog, gotten married, and started a business.  I am definitely not the person you challenge to grab the bull by the horns… I have an inflated sense of exactly how many things I am able to juggle at once.

And this is where we get to the title of this post… Realistic Goals.  Last fall, I finally learned my lesson when I pushed the limits my capabilities too far.  I was in a new job, moving out of my house and prepping for renters, planning a wedding, and thought I could handle three graduate level classes.  No problem. 

Boy was I wrong…

So this time around, I’m going to take a step back and focus my priorities.  This is my last class, its one of the most intense in the program, and I’ve decided to tackle it in a condensed summer session.  Everything else is going to have to be moved to the back burner and unfortunately, that means Portraits by Anna, too. 

I’m still booking sessions so please, contact me if you’re interested in setting something up!!  But the blog and the facebook page are going to be a little quieter for the next six weeks.  Thank you for understanding and I hope you stick around. 

The best is yet to come!

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