The Dow Brothers | Fourth of July – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Stars, stripes, and silly little boys! What more could you ask for on the Fourth of July??!

I had been hoping these two cutie pies would visit for the Fourth and bring their lovely parents with them! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Barrett a few times but this was my first opportunity to get Oliver in front of the camera. (Wedding chaos just didn’t allow for much else the last time they visited!) Just look at those chunky cheeks!! I look forward to many more opportunities to capture their cuteness as they grow!

Dow Boys-7.jpg
Dow Boys-12.jpg
Dow Boys-20.jpg
Dow Boys-22.jpg
Dow Boys-26.jpg
Dow Boys-29.jpg
Dow Boys-51.jpg
Dow Boys-57.jpg

And just for fun, a few outtakes from our session. This little boy is happiest when he’s held and made it very clear when he was ready to cuddled:

Dow Boys-33.jpg
Dow Boys-46.jpg

Sorry Oliver, I appologize now if these reappear one day… but it was too cute not to capture. 😉

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