Kayleigh | 6 Months – Noland Trail, Mariner’s Museum Park

When Miss Kayleigh’s momma contacted me for her 6-month portraits, I was thrilled!! I just love working with this family. I fondly refer to them as my catalog family. They’re so happy and at ease with each other that they naturally fall into the best “poses” and just look so great together. And Kayleigh was such a gem for her newborn session – she certainly spoiled this photog with her awesomeness – and I couldn’t wait to see how much she has grown!

Yet again, Kayleigh rocked her session. She’s such a happy, smiley little girl! Even though she was up bright and early the morning of her session, she smiled through the yawns and gave us some of the most gorgeous images.

Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-14.jpg
Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-16.jpg
Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-24.jpg
Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-31.jpg

I just love a little girl who loves to play dress up! We had so much fun watching Kayleigh’s reaction to this tutu… she was just loving every minute of the combination of the tutu and her toes while she happily hammed it up for us. The expressions on her face were priceless!

Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-40.jpg
Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-42.jpg
Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-44.jpg
Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-55.jpg
Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-64.jpg

Just for fun, here are a few side-by-sides with images from their maternity session that we also did here at the Mariner’s Museum Park. What a difference a few months can make!!

Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-25.jpg
Kayleigh 6mo Portraits-65.jpg

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