Happy December!!! | Personal and Professional goals

Whew! December is here!!!

Ya’ll it has been such a crazy year. I am not usually one to wish away the time but let me just tell you, I’m looking forward to closing the books on this one and welcoming 2014. And I’m praying for a nice, quiet, boring year next year. Someone else can tell the crazy stories for once!

November was just the most absolutely insane month yet. Our little family just couldn’t seem to get a handle on one thing before the next came in and knocked the wind out of our sails. I had big things I wanted to accomplish this month and instead had to set that list of goals aside and focus on supporting my husband. And you know what? I wouldn’t trade that for the world. The storms that we’ve weathered together have only brought us closer and strengthened the bonds of our marriage. We make such a great team!

But… because my energies were focused elsewhere… I don’t get to check off very many of November’s goals. Normally, this would bother me and be just a little discouraging. This time? I’m glad I can’t check off very many of these goals. My time and energy were devoted to much more important things. My husband and our marriage, our little family of two and our two furbabies, will always come first.

November Goals:
Make a plan for the holidays – done!
Edit and “market” wedding images – editing is done, but I definitely didn’t get the start on wedding marketing that I had hoped
– Back end systems
– Organize and file receipts
Attend one church – finally!
– Get the ball rolling on this new project
Begin Christmas shopping
Create a family calendar – still on the search for a magnetic dry erase calendar that will stick to the fridge
– Family portrait session – rescheduled for December
– Design, order, and hopefully mail Christmas cards – can’t happen until after our portrait session
Meal planning – I’m crossing this one off because I made some baby steps in the right direction – and baby steps count!
Intentional time with friends – Oh yeah!! Despite the insanity of this month, we were able to carve out some time with quite a few of our friends!
Read Scripture – checked off Romans and nearly finished Jeremiah. I’m hoping to read the entire Bible before December 2014 when I turn 30.

As you can see… with a little bit of leeway on the meal planning… I was 6.5 for 13. Not even passing grades. BUT! Like I said… I’m sooooo thankful for what I did accomplish and not at all worried about what I couldn’t make happen. There’s always December!!

I’m really hoping that, despite the hustle and bustle that comes with the holiday season, December will be MUCH less… shall we say… interesting… than November was. So here’s to a productive end to 2013!!

December Goals:
– Set foot in the gym – seriously, at this point, just once would be great
– Prep for 2014 – goals, planner/calendar, tax documents
– Finally get the Portraits by Anna website setup
– Make a gingerbread house – it’s been such a long time since I’ve made one!
– Portraits by Anna systems & packages – set myself up for success in 2014!!
– Continue to focus on wedding and bridal marketing – while keeping up the kiddo side of my business! (Don’t worry, I still love photographing little ones!!)
– Photograph more of our personal life
– Blog twice a week at minimum – this is always a goal but for some reason, life seems to interfere. I’m hoping December is the month it finally happens!

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