Happy 2014 Ya’ll!! | 525,600 New Minutes

It’s amazing what a difference one day really can make. Today feels different. I feel different today. I feel excited and relieved and hopeful and… dare I say… motivated!

It is such a wonderful feeling to finally, FINALLY, be able to say that LAST year was a really rough year. Not this year. But last year. This is a new year. January 1, 2013 felt like a continuation of the struggles that started in 2012. This year, January 1, felt different. This year will be different. This year will be better; it feels better already!

While the surfer hubs and I were visiting my folks for Christmas, the youngest of Farmer Johnson’s daughters, the thespian of the group, while singing her way through our visit, like she does every day of her life – I swear, that girl’s life is a musical – reminded me of a song from Rent. I’ve seen a few other bloggers reference the song, but it was Nurse Melanie who made me really stop and think about how we measure each of those 525,600 minutes that we’re given every year. And about how I want to measure the moments that comprise those minutes of 2014.

More love, more laughter, more hope, more dreams, more doing, more seeing, more being.

And less of so many things like electronics and social media and television. And let’s not forget, less drama, less hurt, less pain, fewer tears.

More time with the people who matter the most to us and finding more of those awesome people to fill our lives with. More support, more encouragement, more togetherness.

It feels good to close the books on 2013. And it feels even better to start the next chapter and begin 2014. I’m looking forward to measuring all 525,600 amazing and wonderful minutes of it.

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