Our Holiday Session | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Now that the Christmas card are all out, I wanted to share with you some of the images from our holiday session with the wonderful Amanda Hedgepeth.

If you’ve been around the blog for any amount of time this year, you know how much I adore this lady! She was our wedding photographer turned mentor and friend and I can never say enough good things about this amazing woman!

When planning our wedding, my biggest priority was the photography. I know it’s cliche, but the only thing left when it’s all said and done are your memories and your pictures. As a photographer, I wanted to make sure we captured every possible moment! We definitely maxed out Amanda’s wedding packages… and then some… with what turned out to be 2 engagement sessions, 2 bridal sessions, cocktail party coverage (in lieu of bridal shower), rehearsal dinner, and 10-hours of coverage on our big day. Whew!

Unfortunately, thanks to the drama and stress of planning my own wedding, we ended up cancelling the second “fall” engagement session and only having the “summer” session. But, I wanted to make sure my ideas still went to good use, and thankfully Amanda was able to squeeze us into her calendar this fall, so we were able to make it up!!

I think it’s really important for photographers to step in front of the camera fairly often and with someone who they look up to in the industry. It’s a really good learning oportunity, not only for coaching and posing, but also as a reminder of how your clients are feeling during your own sessions. Good thing Surfer Hubs is usually down for my crazy ideas.

Ps. Ladies, if you need help encouraging your man to participate or show some enthusiasm toward your portrait session – showcase something they love. In this session, it was his shiny new truck. 🙂















Special thanks to Chris’ mom for coming out to help wrangle our monsters. We couldn’t have made the session happen without her!! Thanks, Jobel, for all that you do!


Also, a huge thanks to Back Bay Farms for allowing us to use their property as a backdrop for our session!! The property is gorgeous and my inquiries were met with the sweetest responses. Thanks again!!

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