2014 Goals | Life, Love, and Business!

Whew, the last week of January!! After spending the majority of this month under the weather and recovering from the flu, I know why it feels like I “lost” half the month. You don’t just hop right back up on your feet after that kind of bug.

Soooo… 2014 Goals are a little late in coming. I was actually hoping all of my “lists” would congeal into something more cohesive before I put them out there in blogland but… that just doesn’t seem to be happening. And, I really had intended to get to this post a little earlier in the month and include January goals as well… that didn’t happen either. Darn that flu!!

Let’s play a little catch-up before we get to BIG goals for this year.

December Goals: (from this post)
– Set foot in the gym – seriously, at this point, just once would be great
Prep for 2014 – goals, planner/calendar, tax documents – made a decent start, which counts!
– Finally get the Portraits by Anna website setup
Make a gingerbread house – it’s been such a long time since I’ve made one! – well, I made the pieces, then Rex ate the roof…
– Portraits by Anna systems & packages – set myself up for success in 2014!!
Continue to focus on wedding and bridal marketing – while keeping up the kiddo side of my business! (Don’t worry, I still love photographing little ones!!) – did a little work on this, still a little work to do
Photograph more of our personal life – Christmas on the farm helped with this!
– Blog twice a week at minimum – this is always a goal but for some reason, life seems to interfere. I’m hoping December is the month it finally happens! – yeah, I tried, maybe Febrary will be my month for this…

As you can see… I was kind of hit or miss with December’s goals. But, I was able to decorate my house, complete all my Christmas shopping and wrapping in a timely manner, and enjoy a stress-free Christmas on the Farm. That, my friends, means December was a success!!

There are still a few days left in January, so I’ll share those goals with you and how I did with them next week when I share February goals. And maybe I’ll get a few more checked off in the process 😉

Okay, now for those BIG, Scary, Year-long Goals for 2014:

You Should Do Them

Before we get to the lists, my biggest hope for this year is that it will be a year of positive change. The last two years have been filled with an onslaught of challenges that just kept piling on top of each other and honestly, made life feel like trudging through sludge. I couldn’t seem to make any progress or dig my way out no matter how hard I tried. Thankfully, many of the events that made the last two years so rough have been wrapped up, and as for the rest, well, let’s just say boundaries are being established and margin is being created. 2014 already feels like a better year and we’re only a few weeks in!

Business Goals:
– Book three weddings – ten would be great!
– Blog twice/week and work up to every day
– Book a minimum of two non-wedding sessions every month
– Upgrade to L-series lenses – and pay cash for them!
– Upgrade to full-frame camera body – also paying cash!
– Develop a workflow

Life Goals:
– Sell my house!
– Debt repayment and financial freedom – this wedding debt needs to go!
– Read the entire Bible before my 30th birthday – I got a headstart on this one in 2013
– Organization!! – and a whole lot of purging, we combined two households into one when we got engaged and some days it feels like we’re drowning in stuff. We have two (or more…) of everything and so many things we don’t have and don’t have room for. Plus, my goal is not to take any unopened boxes to the next house.
– List the hub’s townhouse and start shopping for our home!
– Buy a new car – When my car was totalled back in October, we made a team decision to stick with our debt-reduction plan, rather than add to it. Sooo… I get the pleasure of driving Chris’ “A to B” car. Honestly, despite the rust, I’m so thankful we don’t have to squeeze our budget any more than we already do.
– Develop a workout habit
– Celebrate life and love and marriage – everyday!! It is a gift I never want to take for granted.

I needed to take a deep breath after all that… there’s a whole lot on that list!! But, I keep reminding myself that as humans we greatly over estimate what we can accomplish in a day and grossly underestimate what we can accomplish in a year. Baby steps in the right direction add up to a lot of progress if we are able to stay focused.

Go and Do

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