More Snow! | Virginia Beach, VA

I swear I moved south for a reason – to get away from the cold weather! Apparently I didn’t go quite far enough!! Here in Virginia Beach, we receivedfour inches of snow two weeks ago and then, last week, another eleven inches.

My poor Moai was burried nearly to his mouth!

Portraits by Anna_Snow 01.29.2014-1.jpg
Portraits by Anna_Snow 01.29.2014-2.jpg

Since we don’t seem to own a snow shovel – a fact I intend to rectify shortly – Surfer Hubs had to clear a path through the back yard for the dogs with a hockey stick. Believe it or not, it worked pretty well! Once he had a path, Rex decided this snow stuff was pretty fun – and tasted good too!

Portraits by Anna_Snow 01.29.2014-3.jpg

Here’s a shot of our street. Looks like a few brave souls were able to venture out. Not me, the Cav was going nowhere! I was pretty glad, too, since I can’t afford to wreck another car and these Virginia Beach drivers are a little crazy when it comes to precipitation of any sort…

Portraits by Anna_Snow 01.29.2014-4.jpg

I secretly don’t mind a little snow because it doesn’t usually last very long; I just hope there won’t be any more this year. I’m ready for spring!

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