Christmas Snow | Photography Bucket List, Personal

I’ve had nighttime snow portraits on my photography bucket list for quite some time. Here in Virginia Beach, usually, snow is a little hard to come by, so I really had my fingers crossed that we’d get some snow while visiting my folks over the holidays. They hadn’t had a white Christmas in quite some time but… my chances were better for snow in Northern Pennsylvania than they were here at the beach. (However, I may have jinxed us on that one this year… )

Someone must have thought I’d been a good girl last year because it started snowing the day after we arrived on my parents’ farm. Daytime snow. Gorgeous, blanketing everything, and just in time for a white Christmas. But… by nightfall… the snow had stopped.

Thankfully, a day or two after Christmas, I got my wish. You should have seen the look Chris gave me when I asked him to come pose for pictures with me… yikes! We were all snuggled in and ready to start a movie so going out in the snow was not quite as exciting for him as it was for me. As you can see, the end result was well worth our efforts:

My Christmas wish: Nighttime snow pictures!!

My Christmas wish: Nighttime snow pictures!!

Here’s the trick to setting up this type of shot: one light behind your subject, low and pointed up toward your subject’s head, and one light infront of your subject, either bounced or diffused onto your subject. Here, I used one of my off-camera-flash setups with the stand as low as it would go and a white umbrella to really blow out the light and catch all the falling snow around us. Then, on my camera, I used a flash, synced with the OCF, with a diffuser since I didn’t have anything to bouce the light off. (We took this shot in my parents’ driveway next to the house which is situated in the middle of the woods and my parents’ house is stained a dark black walnut color.) I also had to turn on the front light on the house so that my camera could autofocus and we stood outside the glow from the light. There aren’t any streetlights where I grew up!!

I’m really hoping we’ve seen the last of the snow for this year here at the beach but hopefully you can file these pointers away until next winter!

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