March| Personal & Professional Goals

In like a lion...

In like a lion…

There’s no doubt that March certainly has lived up to it’s reputation. What is up with this weather??!

I think we’re all more than ready for a little spring weather after the crazy winter we’ve had. Each year, no matter the pep talks I give myself, I realize a little more just how much short days and cold weather really affect my productivity levels. It’s much more tempting to cuddle up and hibernate til spring!

Needless to say… I didn’t do so well with my February goals… Let’s recap:

– Keep up the workout efforts – if only a few crunches and a pushup here and there really counted…
Design personal photo albums and finally get those pictures somewhere other than hard drives!I’m going to cross this one off since I put a whole lot of work into our Bermuda album… three… seperate… times…
– File taxes – so close, just double checking the business stuff
– Install new carpet in my house – last step before it goes on the market!! – this one got delayed by the unwelcome news that we’re going to have to rent it again
– Organize my bedroom closet
Make a freezer mealtwice!!
No spending – except Valentine’s Daysuccess two months in a row!!
– One evening each week with my business (minimum) – probably came pretty close to this one, on average
Read for pleasurefinished three and a half books this month!
Read the Wordfinished Ezekiel and nearly half of Daniel
Something craftyCalligraphy!
Weekly date night with Chriswe’re pretty good about this anyway but after I spent most of January recovering from the flu, I wanted to make sure we got ‘caught up
– Blog twice a week – this will happen one of these days, I know it will! – but not in February…
– Drink more water and take my vitamins every day – didn’t quite get every day checked off but did much better, especially on the water intake

Okay, now here’s what I hope to accomplish in March:

– Get back on track with working out – we’ve got a little mini vacation planned for next month!!
– Sew something
– File those taxes!
– Get my house ready for renters
– Keep working on the super secret new project… 🙂
– Attend a church service – we’re still looking for a church to call home
– No spending! – except for gift giving, someone has a birthday coming up!
– Keep reading the Word
– Read a business building book
– Blog consistently – still aiming for that twice a week mark
– Practice calligraphy – I’m loving my progress already!
– Clean/organize something
– Throw away/donate something
– Drink more water
– No soda – I gave this up for lent!
– One night/week with my business

Nothing measured, nothing gained!! I’m hoping to see a lot more crossed off at the end of this month!

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