Chelsea & Matt | Engagements – The Signature at West Neck, Virginia Beach, VA

After rainy weather caused us to have to reschedule this session, we were all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for a little sunshine for Chelsea and Matt’s engagement session. And it worked!! The sun finally peeked through the clouds last Saturday right in time for these two to get a little cuddly in front of my camera.

Since Chelsea and Matt are getting married on a golf course this fall, we decided to head over to The Signature at West Neck for their engagements. This location is a particular favorite of mine – since it also happens to be where I married my prince charming – and I was thrilled to be headed back for a visit with these two lovebirds. They even brought their adorably frisky pup along with them!

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-1

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-2

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-16

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-21

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-25

Love it when my couples bring their furbabies!!

Love it when my couples bring their furbabies!!

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-45

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-44

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-41

Chelsea's gorgeous bling!

Chelsea’s gorgeous bling!

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-61

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-35

Portraits by Anna_Chelsea & Matt-32

Thanks for a wonderful session, you two! I can’t wait to see you and your sweet families again in October!!

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