Amelia Island, Day 2 | Aniversary Trip – Personal

Our second day on Amelia Island was spent very much like the first – on the beach!! (If you missed the first post, be sure to head over here to check it out!)

This time we stayed a little closer to the house and headed to the waterfront right next to the Amelia Island Hilton. This beach was a little more crowded than American beach but we didn’t mind a bit!

Here are some of the images from our 2nd day on the beach:

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-157

Surfer Hubs and I on the beach.

Surfer Hubs and I on the beach.

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-163

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-169

It was another day full of searching for seashells, flying a first kite, trying to catch the biggest fish – or shark! – and finally talking the little man into dipping his toes in the water!! Once he got his feet wet, there was no stopping him. This kid might be part fishie himself!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-177

Little Fisherman

Little Fisherman

First kite!

First kite!

Chris' Bonnet Head Shark

Chris’ Bonnet Head Shark

Finally brave enough to get his feet wet.

Finally brave enough to get his feet wet.

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-229

Not scared of the water any more!

Not scared of the water any more!

What a wonderful anniversary trip!

What a wonderful anniversary trip!

Perfect end to our second day on Amelia Island – relaxing with my hunny.

Be sure to check back for some of the pictures from our trip to Disney!!

Amelia Island, Huguenot State Park, and American Beach | Anniversary Trip – Personal

The first weekend in April we headed to Amelia Island, Florida, with a friend of ours and his little boy to celebrate our anniversary. His mom lives on Amelia Island in the most charming gated community full of blooming azaleas and spanishmoss-clung oad trees. AND… she happens to have a little guest house… which felt like staying at a friend’s bed and breakfast! It was amazing!!

This palm is literally in her front flowerbed!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-3

The first day of our vacation, Surfer Hubs and I headed down to Huguenot Memorial Park.

Gulls and Pelicans at Huguenot Memorial Park

Gulls and Pelicans at Huguenot Memorial Park

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-36

The ride from Amelia Island to Huguenot Memorial Park was just gorgeous!! Spanish moss and azaleas everywhere!

Love all the Spanish Moss!!

Love all the Spanish Moss!!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-39

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-40

After our little drive to Huguenot, we all headed to American Beach on Amelia Island. Here’s a little history lesson for you: This beach was purchased during the segregation era by Abraham Lincoln Lewis, owner of Afro-American Life Insurance, as a place for his employees to vacation and own homes by the shore. It remains a historic beach community to this day.

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-67

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-102

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-108

What does a crab say?  **pinch, pinch**

What does a crab say? **pinch, pinch**

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-123

Fishing on Amelia Island

Fishing on Amelia Island

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-128

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-129

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-136

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-148

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-150

As you can see, there was much playing in the sand, searching for sea shells and fishing done by all and it was a wonderful, relaxing day at the beach. If you’re ever on Amelia Island and looking for a quieter beach to take your family, American Beach is the place to go!

Check back next week for more pictures of our Amelia Island and Disney World vacation!

Kayleigh & Jocelyn | Cousins – Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, VA

I always get excited about the opportunity to photograph little girls!! Don’t get me wrong… I love all the little boys in my life but… in our close circle of friends little girls are hard to come by. Miss Kayleigh’s beautiful momma and I work together and I couldn’t wait to get this little princess in front of my camera – imagine my excitement when I found out Miss Jocelyn would be joining in the fun!!

Just look how gorgeous these beach babies are!!

K&J_Sandbridge (1 of 102).jpg
K&J_Sandbridge (18 of 102).jpg
K&J_Sandbridge (47 of 102).jpg

Little Miss Sassypants Jocelyn definitely gave me a run for my money… she made me work for it!! Oh man am I glad she did though… this is one of my favorites from their session and I’m so glad she was able to hold this pose for… maybe 2.5 seconds… before she was on the run again!

K&J_Sneaks3 (1 of 1).jpg
K&J_Sandbridge (37 of 102).jpg

This cutie pie is going to be one heartbreaker of a surfer chick one day. Her eyes are the most ammmmmmmazing shade of blue!

K&J_Sandbridge (55 of 102).jpg
K&J_Sandbridge (63 of 102).jpg
K&J_Sandbridge (72 of 102).jpg
K&J_Sneaks (1 of 1).jpg

Miss Kayleigh with her momma and daddy:

K&J_Sandbridge (84 of 102).jpg
K&J_Sandbridge (86 of 102).jpg
K&J_Sandbridge (88 of 102).jpg

And Miss Jocelyn with hers: (As you can see, we tried to tame her with tickles and even that didn’t slow her down for long!)

K&J_Sandbridge (92 of 102).jpg
K&J_Sandbridge (98 of 102).jpg

Great session, girls!! Thank you sooooo much for giving me the opportunity to add a little more pink to my portfolio!!

The Making of a Family | From wedding bells to baby bliss

As I mentioned in the previous post on Monday, Angie and I were at Penn State together and it was there that we bonded over being “failed archies”. (Which has nothing to do with grades or failing but that we both started out in Architecture and then changed majors.) It’s been ten years this fall since we met and in that time we’ve shared some of the best times and made a whole lot of memories.

Senior year, while I headed to Rome – the Archies let me tag along – Angie had a little extra time on her hands to get cozy with Shawn. And we’re all pretty glad she did, because that was where it all started…

Summer 2010, we all headed off to the Dominican Republic for their tropical destination wedding, where I served as Maid of Honor and honorary photog. Angie can probably be credited with my start in portrait photography – she may not have been the first, but this was where something clicked. What could you expect when the bride is as beautiful as this??!

Angie&Shawn (3 of 26).jpg
Angie&Shawn (5 of 26).jpg
Angie&Shawn (2 of 26).jpg
Angie&Shawn (9 of 26).jpg
Angie&Shawn (11 of 26).jpg
Angie&Shawn (12 of 26).jpg
Angie&Shawn (15 of 26).jpg
Angie&Shawn (17 of 26).jpg
Angie&Shawn (20 of 26).jpg
Angie&Shawn (21 of 26).jpg

Three years later, we trucked up to Philly to shower Baby Kostreva with everything a little boy starting out in this world could need!


And just last week, Angie brought her momma and her little man to the beach for a visit. While I was photographing her as a new mom, I couldn’t help but notice how much she glowed. Its a radiance very similar to what we all saw on her wedding day. Angie is a very beautiful woman, but as Audrey Hepburn said, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls”, and as you can see for yourself, that is so true.


And here’s just one more of the little man himself. Congrats momma, you did very well.


Gavin | 2 Months – Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, VA

There’s something about that creamy new-baby skin… when the lighting is right, it just glows. Its almost as if their fresh, new innocence is radiating from their little bodies.

This handsome little man drove all the way down from Pennsylvania last week to visit and brought his lovely momma and grammy with him. I love company of any sort but this kind is extra special!

His momma is a college friend and one of the best there is. OH the stories I could tell!! She majored in graphic design when we were at Penn State and had me in front of her camera for quite a few of her projects. It was so much fun to turn the tables and have her, and her little boy, in front of mine!

She’s doing a monthly photo project with Mr. Gavin and honored me with the pleasure of capturing Month 2!! Just look at all this gorgeous little boy!!


This little boy is hands-down, the most expressive child that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing! At only two months, he certainly blew us away. This last image had us all chuckling!

Memorial Day, Corolla, NC – Personal

I used all but 4 hours of my accrued leave at my desk job for our wedding and honeymoon. Unfortunately, this meant we had to miss out on some BIG events in the lives of some of our family and friends. Its rough being so far away from some of the people who mean the very most to us.

Since it felt like we were missing out on all the fun I wanted to make sure we didn’t just sit around the house like bums for three days. (We did way too much of that trying to get everything ready for the wedding!!) I didn’t have anything specific in mind but I knew I wanted to do something – and Chris came to the rescue with the ideas. Not only did we head down to the Pungo Strawberry Festival as you saw in one of last week’s posts, but we took a little day trip down to the 4-wheel drive beach in Corolla!!

We make frequent trips to OBX during surfing season but because the 4-wheel drive was out on the old truck, the only time we had been to Corolla was when friends from Pennsylvania vacationed there. Now that we have the new truck, I’m hoping we can head there a little more often!


I especially love this beach because they welcome dogs all year round! Molly and Rex looooooooooooove the beach!! Miss Molly McGee grew up on the beach in Oceanview and gets excited anytime she starts to catch a whiff of that salty sea air. Now that Rex – who will be a year old this weekend! – had only went to the beach twice but now that he seems to be over the carsickness that plagued him last summer, he’ll be able to join in more often!!


It was a perfectly relaxing day. The tourists all headed out early afternoon so we practically had the beach to ourselves; just the four of us. Our little family. 🙂


Karen & Mike – Norfolk Portrait Photographer

After leaving Amanda Hedgepeth’s Q&A I was inspired and motivated to start taking the steps toward owning my own photography business.

When you have a goal in mind that you cannot accomplish yourself, the first thing you do is rally your troops. So, the first thing I did was text everyone I could think of who might be willing to schedule a portfolio building session. My sister was my first taker.

The images below are of my wonderful older sister Karen and her boyfriend Mike. They are just awesome together. I have never, ever seen my sis this happy.

As you can see, she practically glows!


Thanks you two for being the first to step up to the plate!! Your support of me and this dream of mine means the world to me!