Kaiden is Two! | Chesapeake, VA, Children’s Photographer

Did you happen to see Monday’s post?? Well, this little charmer is back for more!!

There were so many amazing images from this session that I just had to split them into two blog posts. I’m sure you won’t mind a second dose of cuteness!!

Now, let me just say, the cake smash was totally staged, as cake smashes usually are. These images, these are all Kaiden! This little boy loves to run around in his daddy’s hockey helmet, batting pucks, balls, and anything else in his path with his hockey stick. So… after we cleaned up the cake and Kaiden went back to his hockey business I was so glad I still had all my lighting and backdrops set up and camera near by. This kid has a future in modeling!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-43

This is one very silly, adorable little boy!!

This is one very silly, adorable little boy!!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-45

Looks like the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree... Daddy was a hockey player, too!

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree… Daddy was a hockey player, too!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-50

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-51

After the “hockey game” started to look a little dangerous for my equipment, we brought the bubbles back out and let this silly little boy play away.

Future heartbreaker!!

Future heartbreaker!!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-56

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-59

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-60

Isn’t he just too, too cute???

Thank you sooooo much for rocking out at your session, Kaiden!! You were a BLAST to work with!!

Kaiden’s 2-Yr Cake Smash | Chesapeake, VA, Children’s Photographer

Kaiden is one of three little boys, all born within a few months of each other, that I fondly refer to as my favorite little monsters. Watching him grow into the little man that he is has been such a joy! He has turned into the busiest, happiest, funniest little boy who definitely keeps his momma and daddy on their toes! He’s turning out to be quite the entertainer and was hamming it up for me the whole time I was photographing this cake smash.

Be sure to check back later this week!! There were so many great images from this session that I decided to save part of them for a second blog post!

I love the "are you sure I'm supposed to have this?" look on his face!!

I love the “are you sure I’m supposed to have this?” look on his face!!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-10

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-12

Oh hey, this is fun!!

Oh hey, this is fun!!



Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-24

Hey Kaiden, let's see your blue tongue!

Hey Kaiden, let’s see your blue tongue!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-27

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-33

I have to give all the credit for the bubbles to Kaiden’s momma. Tell me this wasn’t the best idea ever??! AND we did this session in their kitchen!! What little boy doesn’t want a momma who thinks bubble makers in her kitchen are an awesome idea??!

What could be better than a cake smash AND bubbles??!

What could be better than a cake smash AND bubbles??!

Portraits by Anna_Kaiden's Cake Smash-39

Thank you so much Kaiden for an awesome session – you rocked it!! And thank you to his momma and daddy for the work that went into planning and for letting us blow bubbles all over your kitchen!

Erica & Nick | Senior Prom – Landstown High School

Last night, I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely lady – who also happens to be my husband’s cousin – and her handsome beau before they headed off to their prom.


Don’t they look great together!?! (Erica told me this was the first time she had ever really been all “dolled up” – this girl looks like she just stepped off a pageant runway!)

And check out these gorgeous flowers! ps. they’re real.


The first time pinning on a boutonniere is always a little tricky…


They snuck in a little silliness… Nick is quite the ham!


We got the mommas in on a few – Don’t these two have some beautiful mothers??


And Nick with his grandma. In the middle of posing, they both turned to each other and stuck their tongues out – you can tell they share a great relationship!


And they’re off!! I hope you two had an ammmazing evening! You looked great and I’m soooooo glad I was able to capture these memories for you and your families!!


To see more of Erica and Nick’s images, head on over to their PASS gallery!


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