Disney World, Orlando, FL | Anniversary Trip – Personal

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Our last day in Florida we headed to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I was super excited about this part of our trip because – wait for it – I had never been to Disney before!! Yes, yes, it’s true…

Let me just say, not having experienced Disney as a child, making this trip with one of the Surfer Hub’s best friends and his little boy and seeing the park through his eyes made it just as magical.

Here’s a little group shot as we first entered the Magic Kingdom:

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-251

And Surfer Hubs and I with the Great Goofini!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-259

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-264

I have to give credit to the wonderful landscapers and maintenance people… this park is pristine and the greenery is just gorgeous!!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-266

We managed to make it back to the the Castle just in time for the parade!!

**Here’s a little piece of advice** Don’t wear super thin flip flops or sandals to Disney. And if you do, find a little patch of shade to stand in. We waited for a few minutes for the parade to reach us and the pavement was so hot, the bottoms of my feet got burned. Through my sandals!! I would hate for that to happen to someone’s kiddo!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-269

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-275

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-280

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-282

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-284

This shot was taken inside the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Isn’t this pully system amazing?! The treehouse looks just like the one they built in the movie!

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-289

Surfer Hubs and his Princes… yes, I had to go there 😉

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-297

And one last shot of Main Street:

Portraits by Anna_Florida 04.2014-300

We had such a great day. Who would have thought you could do Disney with a 2.5 yr-old, no stroller, and he’d walk the whole park with no problem?? Jeff’s Little Man was a champ!! And the magic and excitement we all got to share with him – I wouldn’t trade that for the world!