Expecting Baby Smith – Hampton Roads Maternity Photographer

Allow me to introduce you to the very first Portraits by Anna maternity couple!! I cannot express how awesome it was to receive my very first inquiry from someone I had never met. Karen is friends with my sister, also Karen, and had seen the pictures I had taken of her and her bf and asked if I’d capture this very special moment for her and her husband as they anticipate the arrival of their little girl. I was soooooo honored and excited! ((And terrified… because, what if I screwed this up?? What if the images weren’t any good?? These folks wouldn’t just be nice cuz I knew them… they might be honest!! *yikes!*))

Let me just tell you from the first shot in the camera, this session was a dream! I had been worried over nothing! Karen and Todd are so happy and content and and in love and in tune with each other, they just fell into the most perfect poses and looked like something out of an advertisement. They just naturally moved together and looked in the same direction that I caught myself sitting back and capturing their awesomeness.


Karen and Todd are avid runners. At just two weeks til their little lady is scheduled to make her debut, Karen is still hitting the trails! Talk about inspirational!

My sister had suggested including running shoes in the session and I just knew this HAD to happen. I was sooooo excited when Karen told me she even had “running” shoes for the baby!!!


Here’s the story behind these last set of images:

When I asked Karen and Todd to kiss, they started out with a chaste little peck, and then things got a little silly when they started joking that a kiss was what got them into this mess!

And what a beautiful mess they are in!